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iD , an augmented reality project for the 5th installment of homeLA - a performance series curated by Rebecca Bruno. More Info here.

"homeLA advocates for experimental dance making and body-based art within the context of home. The project provides a platform for independent dance makers to develop new works in conversation with homeowners, co-artists, and guests in various neighborhoods throughout the city. Combining site-sensitive dance with salon-style performance, homeLA seeks to contribute to a dialogue about performance, domestic space, and Los Angeles' particular landscape."

For the 5th installment I was invited to participate and work with talented artist and dancers : Ariana Daub, Scott McCabe, Carmela Hermann, Ally Voye, Terrence Luke John, and Eugene Ahn. The goal was to respond to the particular architecture and ethos of Michelle Jane Lee's home, a visual artist and host of the homeLA:studio series at The Brewery Artist Complex.

check out more photos here!