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SYSGRA is an installation piece which is inspired by structural systems of growth that exist in nature and can be translated into the built world. The piece is a prototypal experimentation on structural and articulation systems. Built as part of module 5 of the AA Visiting School Lisbon, the project consists of digitally fabricated piece at the Palácio Sinel de Cordes in Lisbon (Headquarters of Trienal de Arquitectura Lisbon).

The project takes inspiration from natural growth structural systems to create a elegant response to the beautiful main salon at Palácio Sinel de Cordes. The piece resulted from a series of experiments in l-systems, bracing systems and combines a fan-like structural articulation with a solid elegant base.
The piece creates a break in the circulation of the room and optical illusion effects as you travel through and around it.
The chrome finish enables a play of reflection which is emphasized by the strong beautiful light of Lisbon and the reflective floor surface of the room.

The installation was developed as the practical component of the AA Visiting School Lisbon and was produced using digital fabrication techniques such as CNC milling and laser cutting.

Installation Coordinator: Filipa Valente
Installation design: Filipa Valente in collaboration with Adam Holloway and João Bravo da Costa
Fabrication Lab: FabLab EDP
Construction team: AAVSLX (David Guerra, Rodrigo Henriques, Simão Botelho, Samuel Sardinha, Oda Bergli, Robert Bogard, Filipa Valente, Adam Holloway)